Employment Services


Our Employment Services Program offers clients an opportunity to broaden their employment skills and become contributing citizens by obtaining and maintaining jobs in our business community.  Our employment specialists support this desire by assisting in all phases of training so that successful employment is achieved for all individuals. Supported Employment focuses on job acquisition, retention, and training.  This program also develops individualized goals for each person relating to their desired employment outcome. Supports are available at an intensity and duration of the consumers choosing.

On the Job Training

This service offers individuals an opportunity to learn a new skill or reenter the workforce through an internship type of training program.  Individuals are placed in jobs that match their interests and abilities.  Wages are sponsored by Vocational Rehabilitation for up to ninety (90) days of training, allowing the employer the advantage of an employee with no associated cost during this period.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a unique employment service for individuals with the most significant disabilities who require ongoing support services to succeed in competitive employment. This service offers job seekers a more individualized and specialized job program.  Individuals are assisted with career planning, career exploration, work readiness training, job development, on site job training, and are provided ongoing support to maintain their job as long as they need it. Supported Employment offers continuing assistance from an employment specialist to maintain long-term employment for individuals who have previously been unable to succeed in traditional employment.


The fundamental purpose of Discovery is to find out “who the person is.” It is a process that begins prior to specific employment planning. It also helps to inform and shape the person’s Career Development Plan. Discovery is grounded in community-based experiences that are tailored to the person’s skills, interests and talents. Such experiences include: 

  • Interviewing the individual and people who know that person well (family, friends, support staff, personal advocates, etc.).
  • Observing the individual in various settings, including their own home and their surrounding community. This might include observing the individual in typical life routines and activities.
  • Accompanying the individual on planned community-based activities that are tailored to the person, including activities that might be new or unique to the person.

Employment Services

This service offers assistance to individuals with varying disabilities to secure and maintain employment.  Services include: job development, pre-employment skills training, job matching, career exploration, work readiness preparation, and job site training.

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