Bank Teller for a Day

Bank Teller for a Day

The following is an Article from WJHG TV

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – Have you ever dreamed of doing something but never got a chance to do it? Well the clients at St. Andrew Bay Center were introduced to “Dream Boards,” a creative way to for them to express their goals and aspirations using pictures and words for their possible future.


One of those clients got a chance to be a teller for the day at the beach location of Centennial Bank. She expressed an interest in learning about money and banking as a career after recently attending a training class titled “Dream Inspired Planning.”

Shirley’s dream board indicated that she would like to be a bank teller. Thanks to Brenda Marquis, Centennial Bank branch manager, along with entire Centennial Bank team, Shirley got the chance to chase her dream.

Ron Sharpe, Director of the St. Andrew Bay Center, said, “It’s a dream but by the same token is this and we’ll take Shirley for example. Shirley may not get a chance to work with money but as you saw with her personality there’s other things within the facility here that she is capable of doing.”

Several other St. Andrew Bay Center clients will be visiting other businesses next week as well, learning how to groom animals and another will be learning about bridal services. The program allows them to explore and experience their employment opportunities.