Employment Highlight 3.15.17

Employment Highlight 3.15.17


Your future employee is a gentleman who has a long history of employment as a first responder.  He worked for over ten years as a volunteer fireman and emergency responder in New York City.  He has been employed in management in both the restaurant and grocery store fields and would like to find a position where he can use his employee relations and customer service skills.  He would love to work in HR or as a crisis telephone dispatcher. His strengths also include excellent communication skills and a strong desire to help others.  He would prefer part time work but hours are negotiable. Would you give him a chance?

Employment Success

Darryl Anderson, a former SABC client, Kathie Kern, Job Coach from SABC, and Marcus Sheehan, a St. Andrew Bay Center Client currently working at the Humane Society.




Contact Information

For information about this client or any of the other services offered by St. Andrew Bay Center call Kathie at 850.896.5798 or Crystal at 850.532.0884.